0% alcohol, 100% taste, 200% kick

In their search for young and trendy brands with potential, ecollab chose Gimber to be their first product on board.

All the way from Belgium, ecollab. is proud to introduce the very first ginger concentrate to Hong Kong. GIMBER is a delicious and versatile liquid gold. Diluted with sparkling water, you'll get the perfect serve. However, this concentrate can be used in cocktails, mocktails and even while cooking. Have a look on the official website of GIMBER for all the recipes. 0% alcohol, 100% taste and 200% kick!

  • Meet the fam

    GIMBER comes in different sizes. From a shot of 20ml to get you through the day, to its tallest brother of 700ml that perfectly fits your fridge and can be shared with all your friends and family. Shake it. Drink it. Share it.